UK Car checking bot for Telegram

For a while I have wanted to create an API that retrieves vehicle information but have not been successful when requesting access from DVSA as they never seem to respond to my emails.

While offer services such as getting vehicle, tax, and MOT information to the public (via the website), the aim was to create an API to work with with these services.

On a high level, features of the bot include:

  • Vehicle lookup by registration number (VRN).
  • Vehicle tax information (includes cost of road tax for the given VED).
  • Full MOT history.
  • Check if a car is SORN, tax and MOT information, and much more.

Available commands

# Get vehicle info (make, model, engine size etc.) 
/info [vrn]

# Get tax info (tax band, SORN, expiry etc.) 
/tax [vrn]

# Get MOT history
/mot [vrn]

# Get MOT/tax expiry, mileage info
/summary [vrn]

Remaining task

  1. Include the results of all historical MOT checks on a given VRN. Task remains outstanding as I have yet to find an effective way to display lots of data in a small screen.


  1. Allow the user to setup a notification with a given VRN - receive notification to tax and MOT expiry through the app.
  2. Present a more visual way to display copious amounts of information to the user. Perhaps formatting the data into a HTML table, exporting it to image format and sending the photo to the user.

Project status

I have ended my support with this bot due to API access having expired. If this gets renewed, I will update it. In the meantime, if you already have access and would like to restart this bot, send me a message.